Pre-School Programs --- For Children Ages 2-5

Why Select Alphabetland PreSchool for your child?

Highly Qualified Staff Provide a Supportive Environment for the Social Emotional Development of Each Child

We appreciate the trust you place in us when you enroll your child in our program. Children are nurtured and respected by caregivers with positive interactions throughout the day. The caring and supportive environment created by this nurturing builds the trust between caregivers and children that is so necessary for children to feel comfortable as they explore new areas of learning, take risks trying out new skills, and experience success.

Bright and Sunny Spaces Offer a Fun and Welcoming “Child-Centered” Environment

Take a tour of Alphabetland and enter the magical world of early childhood. Here, young minds can make new discoveries and imagination is given free rein. Our bright and sunny spaces are alive with bright and smiling faces. Cubbies and tables are filled with materials and books that encourage learning, while colorful art projects adorn the walls in ever-changing displays of our children’s work.

Age Appropriate Curriculum and Creative Learning Experiences Support Each Child’s Intellectual Development

Preschool learners are active learners, and require ample opportunities for hands-on play and exploration. Our daily programs include reading, art, math, science, dramatic play, music and movement, personal and social development. Children are provided many opportunities to share their cultures and home languages. Our award- wining curriculum that supports students and teachers, Spanish and English Learners, and aligns to the Florida State and National PreK standards. It includes the following well-respected programs: • Let’s Begin with the Letter People • The Creative Curriculum ® for Preschool • Spanish Champs

Parent-Involvement and Communication Enhance Children’s Self-Esteem, Motivation, Classroom Performance and Academic Growth

Family needs are our priority. Given our commitment to providing the very best child-care services and early childhood education, we want to make sure that we meet your child’s needs and your expectations. To enhance communication we have an Open Door Policy. We invite you to call or stop-in at any time to ensure your needs are recognized and met. We provide you with the following communication tools: • Onsite Director, available daily to discuss any of the family’s needs • Informative Notes, sent home on a regular basis, let you know about your child’s eating, napping, social emotional and academic progress • Parent Boards, in each classroom, highlight class schedules, meal menu, lesson plans, and other classroom information • Lobby Boards, filled with information about current and future activities and events